Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter.  We spent our weekend at home.  We had originally planned on going to my parents for the weekend but Aren got a fever last Monday night and it lasted through the week.  Saturday morning he finally woke up fever free but we still wanted to keep him home to let him heal completely - even though we didn't know from what he was healing. 

Biju put in some overtime on Saturday morning then took the older two boys for a movie in the afternoon.  I was sure Aren wouldn't remain quiet through a whole movie in public so he and I did some craft shopping.  Fun times!  I wore him in the mei tai baby carrier and he was quite content to let me walk around Lowe's and Hobby Lobby. 

Sunday morning the boys checked out their baskets then we headed over to church.  We weren't late according to a normal Sunday schedule but being Easter Morning we were too late to get a seat.  Standing room only - around the edges of the church as well as in the "lobby" area.  Biju and I stood and took turns holding Aren while Ajay and Alex sat at our feet.  While we were standing there I felt a hand start petting my leg.  Ah, yes, pantyhose.  Mama never wears pantyhose and they certainly threw the boys for a loop.  After Alex drew attention to my legs with the "rubber band" Ajay had to investigate.  What an odd sensation, having 4 hands feeling my calves and toes! 

After church we tried to take some pictures of the family and spoke with family in India.  Ajay took a good picture of 4 of us but we didn't quite manage to get a great photo of all 5 of us. 

Lunch, naps, tv time. Then we were ready to head to our backyard to hunt for some plastic eggs. Alex had already devoured most of the candy from his basket - I typically ration out each bit of candy but I tried something new this year, which is let the kids go wild with the candy. This way when it is gone I don't have to hear "Can I have more candy??" for the next month!   So the boys had plenty of energy to go hunting.  Aren's eggs - the blue ones - were out in the open, as they should be for a 10 month old, but he didn't even get the chance to get on the ground to hunt for them on his own.  Biju gave him one and the boys quickly grabbed up the other two and brought them to Aren.  He just got three eggs - the ones with money. 

He LOVED shaking his new "rattles" and listening to the noise inside.

This was a great hiding spot  for one egg.

Time to open the eggs to see what was inside!

"What, I don't get candy?  No big deal, I'll just feast on some dirt."
Shortly after the hunt was over Biju got out the lawn mower.  We kept the lawn purposely shaggy to aid in the egg hunt.  Right.  After mowing, Biju let the boys help rake a little.  (Of course they had to fight over who got to use the rake first.)

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Erin said...

Love the haircuts, and new pics of the boys!! :) They are getting so big! Miss you all! Sounds like you had a good Easter! :)