Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Recipe Wednesday - In need of a Diaper

Have you ever been out and about and thought you had a spare diaper in the diaper bag but realized you didn't?  This post is for those moments.  As long as you have a (cotton) receiving blanket, you're in luck.  This should help you get by until you can get your hands on a diaper you would normally use.

This is a fold used with flat diapers.  Since I've discovered this, and other folds, I've decided to bust out the many receiving blankets that aren't getting any use and have been using them as cloth diapers.  It really makes my relatively small diaper stash stretch farther. 

A video would work best, and that's actually how I learned - by watching videos on YouTube.  But I wasn't able to take a video while doing this.  Instead, I took a gazillion pictures for you.

Take your receiving blanket and lay it out flat.  (Design side face down, if you prefer.)

Now fold it in half, bringing the bottom up.

Fold in half again, bringing the right side over to the left.

Now you're goign to take the top left corner and extend it back out to the right.  Hold onto the rest of the layers so they stay put.  You will end up with an upside down triangle.

Now flip the whole thing over.  Do this carefully so you don't end up with the folds falling out.

Take the folds from the right side and either bi-fold or tri-fold (depending on how wide you want the center padding). 

 Fold 1:

 Fold 2:

Fold 3.

Now you're ready for baby.

Bring the center fold up and into place.  Now would be a good time to tuck in some of the wings by the leg.  Just pull the extra cloth by the thigh up - so it sorta makes a U-shaped hug around baby's leg.

Pull the rest of the wing over baby's tummy.

Do the same on the left side.

If you have a safety pin with you, carefully pin into place and you're good to go.  If you aren't normally a cloth diaper user, you likely won't have anything to cover the diaper with, but like I mentioned before, at least this method will allow you to keep baby in a diaper until you can get your hands on your usual diaper of choice.

After this diaper was used, I chose to use another blanket for the next round.  I decided to skip the pinning and I just tied it into place - which might be more likely if you're out and about and don't have a big safety pin on hand.

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