Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A weekend visit

A couple of weekends ago I grabbed the boys, my sister, Shelly, and two of her daughters and we all headed up to visit the family.

We were able to squeeze Kyleigh, Ajay and Alex into the backseat while Aren and Audrey rode in the captain's chairs.  Paige was going to come, too, and put the 8th seat to good use but she decided to stay in town to attend her last day of swim lessons and go to a birthday party.  I don't even know how to put the 8th seat in but we would've figured it out if she had decided to go with us. 

We got to our parents on Friday afternoon and it was surprisingly decent - as in not 100+ degrees.  So there was some outdoor action.  Much needed.

Bubbles and Jump Rope!
Aunt Brandi got her baby fix in and all the kids wanted in on the action.  Everyone loves a baby!

On Saturday morning Papa earned the title "Best Papa in the Universe."  He took Ajay fishing. 

You can barely see them out there but in this shot, Dad was helping Ajay cast out.
Friday night two of our aunts came over for a visit (and returned on Saturday night for more visiting!).  I left the boys (Ajay and Alex) with the family on Saturday afternoon while I spent some much needed time with some girlfriends.  On Sunday we went to church and met their new priest who just so happens to be from the same city Biju is from in India.  Amazing, right?  After church we had lunch with a friend and her family, whom we haven't seen in years.  Then we all went over to visit some miniature horses.  (More on all of this w/ pics in the days to come)  We weren't in a rush over the weekend.  Very relaxing. 

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