Thursday, August 18, 2011


Continuing from my previous post.... I mentioned that I spent Saturday afternoon/evening with some girlfriends.  Janel had a jewelry party (can't wait for my new bracelet to arrive!) and served some delicious fruity cheesecake type dessert - must have that recipe!  We hung out a bit afterwards then decided to have dinner at Old Chicago.  Aren was a bit fussy while at Janel's but can you believe - he was completely chill the whole 2 hours while we were chatting over dinner!!  He wasn't sleeping, mind you, he was just hanging out in his car seat (which was placed in one of those cool sling type things restaurants have these days - awesome invention).  Occasionally we had to pop his binky in, but he just looked around the room drawing "awwws" from passers-by.  There was even an older gentleman who tickled his feet as he walked by. 
Here are pics of Aren with his aunties (Natalie; Morgan; Erin):

(Notice the change of clothes??  Aren's disposable diaper had a complete blowout all the way up the back.  YUCK!!)
Here is Janel with her nephew, Aaden, and Natalie with her little guy, Cooper.

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