Monday, September 20, 2010

The Zoo - With Family!

In July, we had a visit from my younger brother, Jeff, and his family.  They came for an extended weekend, which happened to be over his 30th birthday.   We tried to do some fun (inexpensive) things around town.  We hit the swimming pool and the zoo for some fun!   
Here are some shots taken from my phone while we were at the zoo....

Feeding time at the giraffe exhibit!

Thomas, Lenley, Logan and Jaime (with Tessa still in her tummy.)
Jeff holding Logan out so he can feed the giraffe.
Walking along with kids and strollers.
Ajay and Alex thought this little guy was adorable (so did the rest of us).
 Here were the kiddos all lined up at the bear exhibit.  Left to right: Audrey, Kyleigh, Logan, Alex, Paige, Ajay, Lenley and Thomas.
 We happened to be at the zoo while the fire fighters were there to cool everyone down.  We hadn't dressed for this event, but it didn't stop us from enjoying it!

Shelly with Audrey (and you can see Jeff with Logan to the left, and Alex to the right).
Jeff holding Logan so he could get sprayed.  Lenley was getting soaked, too.
Wasn't that fun??
Thomas and Ajay

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