Friday, September 10, 2010

Vacation Bible School

Another fun event that took place over the summer (yet wasn't blogged about when it happened) was VBS. Ajay was invited to attend this day camp with his buddy, Alex, from his Pre-PreK class :) It took place over the course of 4 mornings. The kids arrived, got checked in, ate cotton candy and snow cones for breakfast and danced and sang to some rockin' Christian music. They then split off into age groups, talked a bit, did a craft then ate lunch. After lunch there was free time to play on the park's play equipment, eat more snow cones and cotton candy and bounce in the bounce house.

I hung out with Alex's mommy, Crystal, Alex's younger brother Rylan, and our Alex. The first day we stayed at the park with the camp. The next day we left the VBS site and strolled along the trails to see the rest of the park. Each day we packed a picnic for ourselves and the littler ones. Those running the camp were great and let (our) Alex jump in the bounce house, too, and partake of the sugary goodness. I have a mental snapshot of Alex with his whole face plunged deep into the fluff of a purple cotton candy.

Here is Buddy Alex (with his back to the camera), Our Alex, Ajay, and the little girl in orange shorts is a friend Crystal brought along - all in great jumping motion.

Alex hanging out admiring the scenery while on one of our walks through the parks grounds.

Ajay getting ready to climb this bounce-slide. I thought it would be too high and he would freak out once he got to the top. I was so wrong. He did this as many times as he could, until it was time to leave. (Buddy Alex is in the pic, too, but, again, has his back is to the camera.)

Can you see Ajay at the top of the slide? His feet are hanging over, about ready to come down.

Ajay sharing a Frisbee with Little Bro, right after he introduced Alex to the Purple Cow you can sorta see there in the background.

It was a crazy, awesome, fun time at this Vacation Bible School!

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