Thursday, September 9, 2010

Child's Play

Here are a few more photos that I took with my phone over the summer.

This first shot was after the boys found some mud to play in. After they finished their fun, they were immediately stripped and dunked into a bath. And then I smacked my forehead. Why would I put *this* into a bath?? Two minutes after putting them into the tub, I drained the brown water then turned on the shower. Yes. Much more effective. (Especially for the clump that matted down the back of Alex's hair.) And no, the clothes did not come out stain-free.

Shortly after the school year ended earlier this spring, Ajay's buddy Skyler celebrated his birthday (along with his older brother, Zander). We decided to make their birthday presents, and settled on some finger paints. I cooked up a batch then divided them into little plastic seal-able cups. The boys had fun mixing in the different colors.

(They used a plastic popsicle stick to do the mixing.)

Alex stayed home to nap while Ajay went to the party. He really enjoyed himself and loved taking a few whacks at the pinata.

Also at the beginning of the summer we got to visit another PreK classmate. Here is James (a timid little fellow), Alice, Ajay and Alex. Alice is attending another school this year so we're trying to find a time to get the kids together for another little playdate.

Alex giving new baby Eunice some love.

The kids love the zoo (don't most children?) and are enjoying our zoo pass. Alex's favorite stop is the hippos.

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