Sunday, August 1, 2010

Exploring Nature

It has been quite hot this summer, as most of you can attest to. We've been slugs, for the most part, and have done a lot of indoor activities. The boys go outside for a few minutes at a time but get all red faced and sweaty in no time (notice Ajay's pink cheeks in the first photo).
On one of my ventures to check on the garden, I saw the husk of a bug and brought it in to show the boys. I explained to them that the bug hadn't died, it had just grown new skin and left its old skin behind. They were quite intrigued.

I saw the bugs were enjoying our corn, so I thought I'd pick some so we could eat a few before they were gone. They might not have been done "growing" as the kernals didn't "pop" in our mouths, but more sorta stuck to the back of our teeth. The boys didn't mind so much. They really enjoy corn on the cob. This handful (pictured below) is pretty much all we got. The bugs (or whatever critter) did a thorough job of cleaning the cobs!!

The boys were really itching to go for a walk, so I got them out before it got too nasty outside. We only went around one block, however. We all collected some leaves, bark and other things hanging from trees. When we got home, we did some rubbings. (Leaf, sheet of paper, crayon shaded over top.)

Notice one of Alex's ear looks unnaturally large? Darned mosquitoes!

Friday night wasn't too unbearably hot, so we all played in the backyard for awhile. I sat on the brick patio with Alex and did some chalk drawings. Biju kicked the soccer ball around with Ajay for a bit. When Alex went inside, Biju hefted Ajay into a tree. Ajay, of course, loved it!

Looking forward to some cooler weather! (Funny how last winter was SOO cold and we couldn't wait for it to warm up, and now it is SOO hot and we can't wait for it to cool down!)

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