Friday, August 27, 2010


Here are some random photos from the month of August. I've just unloaded a ton of pics from my phone that were taken over the summer, so look forward to more photos in future posts!!

Playing with blocks on a cookie sheet. (This activity is actually what Alex is doing as I type up this blog!)

The water line in our front yard sprung a leak. We saw the "fountain" after church one Sunday, called the city, and the next day a big machine appeared to fix the problem. The boys were fascinated.

On one Wednesday night in August my sister, Shelly, and I went to eat some yummy Bang Bang Shrimp ($5 for the whole dish). I devoured the whole dish (so much for counting calories that day!) and ordered an extra to bring home to the menfolk. Ajay loves using chopsticks. It takes a little work, but he's usually successful. He wouldn't eat the spicier shrimp, but he loved the milder ones.

Audrey came to visit us and enjoyed playing on the floor. I busted out the old baby toys for her to slobber over.

Superhero Alex ran in circles around Audrey (Ondry, if you ask Alex).

I posted Ajay sleeping in the last post, so now I'll post Alex sleeping :)

Concentrating on playtime.

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