Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 2 of school

I'm glad to report that Ajay survived his first day of school on Tuesday. I let him sleep in yesterday, but we were back on schedule today. He even woke up a couple of minutes before his alarm went off. Ajay mentioned at breakfast this morning that he cried on Tuesday before it was time to go to "PA" (he meant PE - Physical Education) because he wanted to go home. That made me a bit sad to hear. But he still didn't have any qualms about going today, so he must not have been too traumatized.

The woman who normally cuts our hair finally returned my calls/e-mails on Tuesday while Ajay was at school and informed me that she is no longer cutting hair. We're hoping this is a temporary situation, as we really like going to her. So since we were desperate for a haircut, I took the boys to a place down the street. They look so much better! Here is a shot from this morning - Ajay all ready to go to school, and Alex ready to play at home.

After watching the bus pull away with Ajay, Alex and I came back home and did a little coloring.

Alex wanted to play some computer games, so we did some color and pattern recognition games with Clifford the Big Red Dog on And now he's watching Clifford on PBS. That tied together nicely!

Happy Thursday to all!

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