Monday, September 14, 2009

Family Fun Weekend, part 2

Quick note - I forgot to mention in Part 1 that after bowling and pizza, we watched Meet the Robinsons. Alex went to bed before the movie even started, and Biju tried but kept dozing off, so that left just Ajay and I to enjoy the animated flick. It made for a late bedtime for Ajay, but he didn't mind! Here he is all camped out on the couch in his jammies, watching the previews.

Okay, on to the zoo. Biju elected to stay home (he really doesn't care for the zoo - once a year is enough for him) but the boys and I met my sister and her family at the zoo. We had somehow temporarily misplaced our senses because we both (my sister and I) thought it would be a good idea to go to the zoo when they were offering free admission! Take in an old phone book for recycling, and the fam gets in for free. Well, it sounded like a good plan. That day I spent 20 minutes circling the parking lot like a vulture waiting for somewhere to ditch the van so we could go wait in line with the other nutsos in town! Once we got in and found the cousins, it wasn't so bad. There was quite a bit of elbow room, and the kids really enjoyed looking around the exhibits with each other.
Here is our group - Aunt Shelly, all pregnant and everything, Uncle Carrick pushing Kyleigh in the stroller, then Paige and Ajay, and a female peacock by the pond.

On our way to the new tiger exhibit, the group went inside this little area. I'm not sure what it was, I stayed outside the gates with the strollers.

Outside the tiger exhibit there was a sculpture. Alex did not like it! He was in a fine mood until I plunked him next to this big cat. I don't know if he thought it was real but once we took him back down, he was fine again.

After catching a glimpse of a tiger's tail (they were resting peacefully in the shade, mostly out of sight), Paige and Ajay decided it best to occupy themselves by drawing in the sand.

Inside the gorilla exhibit.....

Checking out the elephants (eh-fant, according to Alex).

A fun time, indeed!!

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