Monday, September 14, 2009

Family Fun Weekend, part 1

So this fun weekend took place about two weeks ago. Better late than never, right? And the blogging of it will be divided into parts - as I tell Ajay, it's either that way or not at all!
On Saturday afternoon we took the boys bowling then out to pizza. I am really the only one in my family who likes pizza, so it wasn't as exciting as it sounds. It was more like I was asking them to eat brussel sprouts than pizza! "Please, just eat 3 bites!"
The boys really had fun bowling. Ajay, as seen in the photos, demonstrated just about everything one shouldn't do at a bowling alley. Alex was one tired puppy! He missed a nap that day so really was in no mood not to get his way. And since he couldn't pick up the bowling ball, and couldn't kick the bowling ball, he did not get his way a lot! And in case you were wondering, Biju and I made more use of the bumper rails than the boys did!

First up, getting acquainted with the equipment.

Ajay somehow got the ball lodged between the bumper rail and the gutter.

Alex, with a little help from Mama, and Ajay, figuring it out all on his own....

Lane courtesy, what's that??

This kid was mad that he couldn't pick up the ball!

He was much happier keeping score for the game....

Everything is a jungle gym in the eyes of a child!

Don't they look thrilled??

Part two will be about the zooooo! Betcha can't wait!

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