Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The month of September has flown by. I've taken pictures but I've not really gotten anything put on here. So this post will contain about a months worth of photos. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

The boys, together

This month provided me many opportunities to snap the two boys together. They really enjoy playing with each other, however Ajay thinks of Alex as his equal in terms of rough-housing. Alex just isn't there yet, so the result is many screams and tears. Soon enough, tho, Alex will be able to knock down his brother, and wrestle with the best of them!

The boys thought they'd help out with some housecleaning duties. I walked into the bathroom and found this:

Craft time:
Ajay brought home a full sized tracing of his body from preschool, so I made up some tempura paints and he decorated his little self. Ajay thought he needed clothespins on his knees, so we added that, there was yarn for his hair, and glitter for one of his hands. Alex sat nearby watching, and doing a little watercolor painting of his own.

I had also spent a little time doing some "crafting" of my own. I made some lip balm! It was so easy to do and will go a loooong way. All it took was some bee's wax (thanks to Angie for picking a chunk up for me while at the Kansas State Fair), some vegetable oil (I used the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil I already had) and some vegetable shortening (I used the coconut oil we'd brought back from India). I added a couple a drops of grapefruit essential oil to two of the small tubs. A nice addition. The first picture is the beeswax melting with the coconut oil. The second picture is after everything is mixed together and poured into their respective containers. I practically live on lip balm in the winter, so this is an inexpensive way to keep me stocked up!

Boys being boys:
Ajay "inherited" his cousins roller skates. They just go on over his shoes, and can adjust to 3 different sizes, so he'll be able to wear them for awhile. They've been through 2-3 cousins alreay, and when he's done, they'll keep making the rounds. You can see they've got two wheels in-line, and then the back two are side by side, to help keep the kid balanced. We've discovered, however, that elbow and knee pads should be supplemented by wrist guards and a hiney-guard!!

Alex was helping me around the house and wanted an apron on, just like Mama. Lisa made this apron as a Christmas gift two years ago, so Alex got to wear snowmen that day.

I figure while I'm updating on random things, I should fill you in on the garden. Ajay is standing next to the tomato plant that got away. It is huge, and is being supported by three wire cages. I've still got a couple of tomatoes resting on the ground. I'm a little disappointed that there hasn't been enough sun to turn the tomatoes red, though. We've got a lot of green out there, and I'm getting impatient!

Here is Ajay's smiling face next to some of the produce picked. I've now got three freezer bags full of peppers. The red peppers never did turn red, and the yellow only faded to a "lime" green color. Oh well, they all taste yummy!

This was some bug on a pepper plant. I thought it was very pretty, but I have no idea what it is!

More peppers picked. That green tomato in there is still just as green today as it was the day we picked it!

Isn't this tomato huge? There are many more just this size outside.

Tom and Jerry

A Tom and Jerry DVD has found its way from the library to our house. I resisted for a long time, but finally gave in. It would seem Ajay has a slap-stick humor (but I think most kids do, don't they?). Ajay just loves this stuff. Here, the boys had just gotten the movie from the library and were having a rare picnic in the living room. Second pic is the boys showing some Tom and Jerry to Biju when he got home from work.

We has a game night with friends on Saturday. The three smaller kiddos conked out while the 3 bigger ones just kept going, watching some movies, playing with light sabors, dressing up as random characters and generally enjoying each others company. Here is a picture, taken by Angie, of her youngest sleeping alongside my youngest.

EDITED TO NOTE: Although the date says Sept. 23 at the top of this post, it is really Monday Sept. 28th at 3:30pm as this is posted! I don't know why Blogger is giving the wrong date.

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