Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Snow Days!

Do you all remember the crazy snow we had a few weeks back?  The snow that caused the schools to cancel so much that when they finally did have classes the schools had to call parents to say YES there would in fact be school the next day? 
The boys loved their snow days!!  We had a few neighbor kids over to play - inside and out.  

The kids all gathered to watch The Tale of Despereaux - I had made everyone a cup of hot chocolate and then they cuddled up together for the movie.

Before the movie was over another set of neighbor kids came by asking to play.

I was really bad about taking Aren out to play.  As a kid I loved to play out in the snow but I'm just not that into it these days.  But with all the neighbor kids and brothers outside, how could I tell him he had to stay in??

Alex and Eli warming up inside with a game of Checkers.

Ah, yes, now I remember ..... I let Aren go outside because there were plenty of "big sisters" to keep an eye on him and I got to stay IN!


I don't mind admiring the view from inside :)

Aren plunked himself down on the floor to watch as Daddy scooped the snow off the deck.

Another snow day, more inside fun.  Play dough and iPads!

Ajay snapped this picture of his creation - I think the far left is a soda and straw, then a burger, fries, and a hot dog on a bun w/ ketchup squirted on.

Time to play with cousins!  And who can resist dumping every Lego on the floor?  It makes for better construction, I'm sure.

Giving Gracie Mae some luvin's

Something doesn't seem right now.... Paige has her winter coat on, Ajay has his shirt off.  How odd.

Lexi reading some VeggieTales to Aren.  I've mentioned this before.....if you want to win Aren over, just read him a book!

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