Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lend me your ears.....

I few weeks back I got together with The Girls.  Aren came along for the fun and Biju took the other two boys out for ice cream.  They were supposed to go to a movie but I think there were some shenanigans involved and they lost that privilege.

Aren wants to show you his "punny pace" (funny face)

The waitress at PF Changs was willing to take a photo of the ladies all together.  Aren couldn't help but make another punny pace.  We missed Tonya and Elissa - someday all eight of us will be together again!!

This time he got Natalie involved and they made punny paces together!
After lunch we went to get some frozen yogurt.  Yum!  Too bad Aren left his crocheted minion hat behind and I had to go back to pick it up.  I was in a rush to get back home so Biju and I could go on a date.  We grabbed dinner (my first - and last - time at Red Lobster.  I'm just not a fan of seafood.) and then we fit in two movies while my sister stayed back with the boys.  It was a busy and fun-filled Saturday!

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