Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pumpkin Guts

Our porch was decked out with some painted pumpkins, yet it was still missing something.  We needed a few more pumpkins - carved pumpkins!
Time to get started!  Earlier in the day we had picked up a little carving kit from Dollar Tree.  The kit worked better than I thought it would!

Ewwww, all slimy and stuff!

Pumpkin carving made complete by sipping on some spiced tea!

Aren got a little help from both Mommy and Daddy. 

Our Halloweenish counter top.  Apples, tomatoes from our backyard, goody buckets ready to go Boo a couple of neighbors, some S'mores apple treats won from Bunco the previous night, and the carved pumpkins.  Oh, and a little candy package - candy wrapped in tissue paper, tied with a little fabric leaf.  I made about 40 of these for Ajay's and Alex's Fall Class Parties.  (And the pan on the far left is full of pumpkin guts - see photo above this one - which I cleaned up to make roasted pumpkin seeds.)

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