Friday, November 8, 2013

A Halloween Outing

We have started a new tradition, I believe.  Last year and this year my sister has come over with her husband and daughters on Halloween night.  We eat dinner and then get dressed up to go out!  Biju hangs out at the house to pass out candy to any Trick-or-Treaters that come our way. 

Ajay had originally wanted to be an OompaLoompa but then he changed his mind.  He continued changing his mind until the morning of Halloween.  He wanted to be a skeleton.  We'd had a costume from two years ago so that is what he put on.  Next year I'll ask him to make up his mind early on so we can make the costume with plenty of time and he won't have the option of changing his mind daily!

Alex, also, changed his mind.  He was going to be Spiderman but the day before he decided he wanted to be a Ninja.  Fine by me - we had everything we needed already hanging up in his closet.  Black clothes.  Done.

Aren really didn't tell me what he wanted to be so I gave him some inspiration.  I crocheted up a hat and dug into a box of clothes to complete his costume.  The overalls, I believe, were my older brother's from when he was Aren's age. 

Aren - Minion, Alex - Ninja, Ajay - Skeleton
Shelly had brought over some face paint for her girls so we used some yellow and put it on Aren's face to help aid the costume.  Alex told several people that I made his Ninja mask out of a t-shirt.  (Thank you, YouTube videos!). 

Here is the whole crew ready to go out.  Paige was also a Skeleton - girl style, Kyleigh was a Fairy Princess and Audrey was a Fox.  That evening was the first time I'd heard/seen "What Does the Fox Say?" - How could I have missed out on such a world-wide sensation??

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