Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Christmas 2012 - Z

Since there was snow on the ground while we were at my parents my brothers decided to take the kids sledding.  They went over to a neighbors house where they had some great hills.  After the "normal" sledding they got out a big box, of sorts.  It was a big plastic bin that had holes in it so they could climb into it.  There was a peek hole at the front and a place to attach it to the 4-wheeler.  Much fun ensued.  The big kids loved it as much as the little kids.
Neighbor, Greg, with my nephews Logan and Thomas

While one 4-wheeler pulled the box, another pulled this big sled.  It was chilly so my brother Jeff helped his daughter, Lenley, wrap a scarf around her head.  (Don't worry, she could still see.)

The box was big enough to fit Jeff and a few kids.
My uncle gave Ajay some sage advice for his BB gun.

Who cares about a little snow when there's a target to be hit!

Greg on the 4-wheeler getting ready to go home - but first he had to give Ajay's BB gun a try.  Despite having the headlights shining on the target, I'm not sure he hit it.

The family playing a card game called 9-Hole Golf on New Years Day.  Much fun!!

The next morning - Aunt Theresa teaching Ajay a card game.  Rummy, I believe.
And I do believe that will be a wrap on my Christmas/New Year postings.  Now we can move on to January...and maybe even February!

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