Thursday, February 14, 2013

Christmas 2012 - D? E? I'm not sure anymore.

I'll try to wrap it up today.  Or maybe tomorrow.  We had so much fun over Christmas I didn't want to just not post about it.
Since our van was acting up and we didn't go to my parents for Christmas we decided to go for New Years instead (once we were assured the van was fine to drive). 
I was excited to give Christmas presents to the young folk in the family.  I had spent some time working on them trying to match color and design to each child.   Here is a group shot of a few of them.  If you'd like to see each one individually head over to our crafty blog

The boys got to open their presents from the family, too.  Here they are with their harmonicas.

It snowed while we were at my folks but Ajay didn't mind.  His parents had bought him a BB gun for Christmas and he was too excited to shoot it to worry about the cold. 

Aren went out, too.  He ended up doing a face plant.  He only cried for a few seconds. 

Ajay also let Alex get a couple of shots in with the BB gun.  Then Alex started making snow angels.  That is Jenna's foot on Alex's chest.
More snow fun to be posted about in another day or two.

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