Saturday, May 5, 2012

Crafty Day w/ The Girls

Last Saturday The Girls and I had a Crafty Day get together.  Lisa, Erin, Natalie, Morgan, Janel and I met at Morgan's house - we were missing Tonya and Elissa, so we were determined to have enough fun for them, too! 

We got caught up, played with the little ones that were lucky enough to be brought along...
Ellie, Cooper and Aren got to join in the fun.
Ellie insisted on posing for a photo.
...then we were off for the afternoon!  We started out with some Chinese for lunch then hit the downtown district and walked lunch off by poking around several shops.  I bought myself some pretty yarn (50% off!) that is nice and soft.  I'm thinking I'll make myself a shawl or a wrap. 

Our last stop while out and about was at a candy shop.  We picked up some fudge to nibble on once we got back to Morgan's.  Yum!  I didn't really get much crocheting done but sure did enjoy the company and food tasting!  A few of the other gals did get out their hooks and needles, though, and got a few stitches in.

Erin entertaining Aren with her knitting needles. 
It was also the day for our swap.  I drew Erin's name and wasn't sure what to make, so I made three things:

Moss covered "W"

A "Merry-Go-Round" made into a photo magnet.  (That red yearn does not photograph well!)

A shawl, named "On the Town"

A close up of the bobble-edging.
I always love our get togethers.  I do wish we weren't spread across the state like we are so we could have more gatherings like this!


Anna Cline said...

I think it is amazing that you can do these kind of crafty things, you are awesome at them! Also that you have time to do these types of things is amazing. Getting together with the girlfriends is always fun!

Michelle said...

Girlfriends are a must!

Erin said...

I love my crafty gifts! Thank you!! There is nothing better than being with my girls for the day! :)