Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday, the 3rd

Hello again.  I apologize for the delay in posts.  I have a lot to share with you, I really do, I just haven't taken the time to get it all written up.  So, here I am posting events from Bino's visit and the 4th of July a week and a half two weeks late.
We've done some computer juggeling lately which means the pictures I want aren't always where they're supposed to be.  Now, however, I've got all of our latest photos loaded onto our latest computer and I've even got all the photos I want to share loaded onto Blogger.  We can now continue. I know you're all just on the edge of your seats waiting to find out what happened the rest of the weekend, right??  (humor me)
We woke up on Sunday morning with the intention of getting onto the road to my parents by 9am.  Per our usual fashion we got out the door later than we would've liked.  It was closer to 10:30am.  Oops. 

Ready for a road trip.  Headphones ready, too, to watch a movie on the way.
We made a detour on the way to my parents and showed Bino a casino.  Biju had 3 free buffet tickets and the kids ate free so lunch only cost us tip money.  Nice.

We ended up at my parents a few hours later than planned so we just stopped by real quick to show Bino their farm.  He snapped a few pictures then we hopped back in the van and drove to the next hill to my brother's place.  I do believe the head count was around 50 throughout the whole afternoon/evening! 

We introduced Bino to family and friends and just sorta hung out for awhile.

Alex chillin' in the shade w/ Bino Uncle.  They were quickly warned that there may be chiggars lurking in that grass!  (We all came home with bites - even those who didn't sit on the ground!)

There was some more shooting of the clay, like last year, and the kiddos enjoyed learning how to shoot a BB gun.  Alex even got in on the action this year! (With close adult supervision, of course.)

Uncle Matt, Greg, James, Uncle Jeff participating in a shoot-off.
Bino Uncle got to shoot a few times!!

Ajay saw Bino Uncle and Daddy together, so he joined them.  Biju moved so he would be shading his son. 

Family friend and neighbor, Greg, helping the kids with the BB gun.

Alex was thrilled that he got to try - thanks, Greg!!

We had a pot-luck dinner and there was lots of tasty food.  Some of the family worked pretty hard in the kitchen getting stuff ready to go out to the picnic tables while Dad and Matt took the hot job of working the grill.  (I don't know who that other guy is on the right - maybe someone Matt works with?)

After all of the shooting was done the kids got to run out into the field to pick up the un-broken clay rounds.  And, of course, they took part in the typical random running around up to no good type fun.

There was holding of babies (Janel with Aren, Jeff with Tessa), some shooting off of daytime fireworks, and more chillin' out in the heat.

Once it finally got dark we got to see some great night time fireworks.  We saw not only our own goods but we could watch all the other works going on around the countryside.  (I tried to load a couple of quick videos that Bino took of some awesome aerials but they wouldn't load.  Phooey.)

After they were done we loaded up the van and headed home.  We got back around 2:45am.  Biju was the only one who stayed awake the whole drive (considering he was driving).  Even Aren slept the whole drive and then transitioned to bed wonderfully! 

More on the 4th activities later!  (but hopefully not too much later)

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