Friday, July 8, 2011

Saturday, the 2nd

As you saw with the previous post, Bino Uncle came for a visit last weekend.  It flew by quite quickly.  The boys really had a blast hanging out with him.  Biju and I enjoyed his company as well but in more of a low-key fashion (as in we didn't crawl all over him and hang on him like a monkey!). 

Here is Bino walking into our house for the first time.  I gave Aren to Bino mistakenly thinking he had held tiny babies before.  It turns out he hadn't and wasn't entirely sure what to do with Aren.  Biju got a good chuckle out of that before he helped his brother out.
 On Saturday after we got home from the airport, let the boys wrestle a bit and had lunch, we started watching a movie on Netflix.  My Name is Kahn - which is actually available at some Red Boxes.  A very good movie - another one that I recommend you watch if you aren't opposed to reading subtitles. 

*Sidenote - Biju and I now turn on subtitles for American movies.  It is weird for me not to read the dialogue.  It helps when there is extra noise in the background, if the conversation in the movie gets too quiet to hear, or if anyone in the movie has a thick accent.*

We stopped the movie about a quarter of the way through so we could go visit with some friends.  We drove to the W's house and the R's met us there.  We like to have game night with these two families so it was a real treat to be able to introduce them to Biju's brother. 

Ellie, Alex and Ajay.  (Ellie is 6 months to the day younger than Alex.)

Russell, Lisa, Me w Aren, Bino - what a comfy couch!

Russell, Bino, Biju, Ronnie.
We spent about an hour visiting with them before we stopped by a fireworks tent to pick up some goodies to shoot off.  We then took Bino to a chinese buffet and Ajay took Uncle's photo next to the big fish tank. 

Once dinner was over we headed back home where Bino Uncle helped with the boys' nighttime routine.  After Ajay and Alex were asleep we watched the rest of our movie.  We got to bed later than we should have but that's to be expected, right??  It really was a great day.

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lisa said...

Look at the cute little girl!!! hehe..... I'm so glad that we got to have a little visit and meet Bino!!