Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monday, the 4th - the morning

Happy Independence Day!!  (Just a little late on the wishing, but we enjoy our freedom everyday, so it still counts, right?)

Monday morning the boys and I slept in til around 8am or so and let Biju and Bino sleep until 9am.  We had a lazy morning, which was nice. 

Bino tried his hand at holding Aren again.

There we go!!  Able to show off that awesome outfit he bought for Aren (it says My Uncle ROCKS - and has a guitar.  Do you remember he's in a band?)
The boys wanted to introduce Bino to the Wii.  He played some archery for awhile and got some tips from everyone. 
Then the boys wanted to show off their wicked cool dance moves. 

This one...

...likes to dance like this.  (Yes, his pajama pants are inside out.  Don't ask me - he's the one who put them on!)

This one.....

...likes to dance like this, too.
(My friend, Kyle, came by shortly after Aren's birth to bring us a meal.  She was treated to a full on  performance by the boys.  It included a lot of wild dancing and standing on heads/hands like in the above photos.)

After everyone got dressed for the day, Biju took Bino out to lunch for some vietnamese soup.  Then it was back home very quickly to get ready for the airport.  Before they left, though, Uncle got in a bit more playtime.

We really loved having Bino come for a visit.  We certainly wished it could've been for a longer  period of time.  Perhaps next time we'll be able to enjoy a visit from him and Annie Auntie (have I mentioned he's getting married in September??) and Amachee and Echachan!  

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Michelle said...

Family visits are so fun! No, I hadn't heard that Bino is getting married - yay!