Friday, June 11, 2010

More Water Fun

Well it IS Summer, after all! (Oh wait, I guess it isn't technically Summer yet, according to the calendar. But close enough.)
Aunt Shelly and her crew gave Ajay an awesome sprinkler to play in. On Sunday, we set it up. We just so happened to set it up close to the garden so some of that extra water running through the hose would serve dual purpose.
Ajay has been begging (since the middle of Winter) to play with his water balloons. Honestly, I cannot wait until they are all gone - and then we are never buying them again. These little boogers are so tiny and difficult to fill/tie. It took me 15 minutes to get SIX ready for him and Alex to play with. Of course you know how long it took to pop, right? All of 6 seconds.

Ajay was ready to get in there. Alex, on the other hand, didn't really trust it.

Ajay thought he'd help the water get over to the garden.

For a second, Alex thought he'd try it out. Then changed his mind again.

We love our boys!!

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