Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Recipe Wednesday - Zucchini and Turkey with Rice

Not a very creative name, but it is what it is.
This is basically what I lived on back when Alex was a wee babe and I was trying to figure out what he was allergic to. The first time I made it, I thought "this won't be very tasty" but boy was I wrong!!

Ground Turkey

This is sinfully easy :)

Wash your zukes and slice them up. I made this yesterday and used about 6 small ones. Once our garden starts producing, I'll probably use just a couple medium sized zukes. Heat a skillet to medium, maybe just a smidge hotter than medium (mine was on level 6). Toss in your zukes, one layer at a time, and salt and pepper them. Once one side is cooked to your liking, flip them and cook the other side. (Sometimes I"ll put a little drop of oil in, or maybe spray a bit of cooking spray. Other times, I'll just let them cook in their natural "juices") As each batch cooks, transfer them into a serving bowl. Tent w/ aluminum foil if you like, to keep warm. Be sure to make plenty so you can sample (and sample and sample).

While your zucchini is cooking, cook up your ground turkey (I made up 2.5lbs of Jennie O turkey). Add salt and pepper to your preference.

While both of these dishes are cooking, cook your rice. (However much you think your family would eat.) (We do love our rice maker!)

Once everything is cooked, mix it together. (If you like, you can keep the rice separate and just put the zucchini/turkey over the rice.)

Oh so simple, oh so yummy. (Can be time consuming if you're cooking a lot of zucchini, so be prepared.)

Of course you can put any number of seasonings in this if you like. Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite flavors are. I've poured Apple Cider Vinegar in my bowl in the past and found it to be quite tasty.

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