Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Recipe Wednesday - Grandpa's Potato Salad

I don't know what this potato salad is really called, but at our family get togethers we usually differentiate between the potato salads by calling this one "Grandpa's" since he won't eat any other potato salad. This is a very simple dish and easy to put together.

Writing down the recipe is hard because, as with most things, I just sorta eyeball everything. Some batches turn out better than others, but you know how that goes, right?

Boil about 4 potatoes (we usually use Russets for this). Once boiled, put into the fridge to cool. After they cool you can easily peel them. Cube the (peeled) potatoes and put them into a bowl. Start off with pouring in about 1/4 c. apple cider vinegar (ACV) and about 2 Tbs Canola Oil. Sprinkle with Salt and Pepper. Stir. Taste. See if you need to add more of anything. You can serve this right away, but I like to put it back into the fridge to let the potatoes soak up the flavor. (Sometimes my mom makes up a second bowl and puts onions in it. (Grandpa can't eat onions) Once she even put crumbled bits of bacon in. Fiddle around and see what you like!)

Another version would be Mashed Vinegar Potatoes. Sometimes I'll take one of the hot boiled potatoes before I put the rest into the fridge to cool. I do the "hot potato" juggle and somehow get the skin taken off. I mash that up and put a bit of salt, pepper and ACV on it and mash it up some more. A pretty healthy little side!

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The Rouse House said...

I think I've had this a couple times. It's yummy! I'll have to try it soon.