Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My favorite website!!

Most of you have gotten e-mails or IMs from me at one point or another with a link and me saying "Hey! Check this out!!" - The Little House in the Suburbs is the website I get almost all of those links from. It is where I found the recipe for the lip balm I made last month (still loving the balm, by the way).
They are now having a giveaway.
Well what are you waiting for?? Go check them out!
I would love to be like Ivory and TL (Tomato Lady, for those who are curious). Between the two of them I think they can make, bake or do just about anything. And if they can't, they'll figure it out - by winging it or doing tons of research. And they aren't afraid of flops. Oh if we all could embrace our failures!!
So there are three drawings in this one giveaway. A childrens's book (just published, written by Ivory, which will be signed), a "kitchen-y" package and a "spa-ish" package.
Are you still here reading my blog? I'm not the one giving away handmade goodies! Why aren't you over there checking their blog out??
BTW, have I told you how much I love their website and check it out on a every-other-day basis?? (It would be an everyday basis, but sometimes other things draw my attention. Like my children. Go figure)

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