Friday, April 10, 2009

A nice visit

The boys and I have spent the week visiting my family. We left town on Friday so we could see my nephew, Brandon, in the play Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. He played Mr. Salt, the father of the spoiled girl. Alex behaved about as well as a 14 month old would be expected to behave. It was close to bedtime so I got him into his jammies at intermission. He didn't fall asleep but he nursed through much of the second act. Ajay sat still through the whole thing and thoroughly enjoyed himself!! He's STILL talking about those funny Oompaloompas!
The family took a trip to see my younger brother's (Jeff's) old house - he's getting it all fixed up to sell. The kids had a fine time playing out in the backyard. Sunday was Jenna's volleyball game. Mom and Dad stayed home with Alex so he could take his afternoon nap while Ajay and I went with Matt, Brandi, Brandon and Jenna. Ajay learned the phrase "Go Big Green!" and shouted it, along with "Go Big White!" -- the other team was wearing white.
The rest of the week has been calm, and we've enjoyed the quiet time out in the country. I've got loads of pictures to get put onto our computer when we get home. I just wish Mom and Dad's house was a bit more child-proof!!
One more fun note - Alex cut his 3rd tooth yesterday! You can barely see it, but it's there.
Happy Easter to all!!

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