Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A nice day

It was nice weather today, wasn't it? Ajay went outside and played for quite a long time. Alex played in the dining room where he could see Buhbuh through the window. Every once in awhile, he'd stand up and bang on the glass and yell Buhbuh, then he'd sit back down and play some more.
Parents as Teachers had their Winter Wonderland this evening, so we took the boys. Ajay got to do some painting, glueing, ice skating (wax paper under his shoes on the carpet!), fishing (magnet at the end of the pole/string to catch laminated fish w/ a paperclip), etc. Ajay sorta hung out and tried to eat a glue stick. I didn't have my camera. The batteries were in the charger - Alex is getting his first haircut tomorrow, so I want to be sure to have enough power to get plenty of shots! I'll be back tomorrow to share those with you :)

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