Thursday, January 15, 2009

I haven't forgotten!

No, I haven't forgotten that I have a blog. I just keep forgetting to actually come here :)
Most of you (all of you?) who come to this blog already got the "updates" from India, so theres not much I can say about that.
Ajay is glad to be back at school. He took some gifts for his friends in class last Thursday - they all got a balloon, a piece of gum and a pack of chocolate biscuits (cookies).
Alex is doing more standing these days. He just has this look of wanting to walk written all over him. He'll lean forward, but his legs just won't move, so he falls forward. He doesn't get angry, tho, so that's nice. He is also wanting to be anywhere Brother (BuhBuh) is. Yesterday during naptime, Ajay went down first, and Alex crawled over to Ajay's bedroom door, stood up against it, and started slapping the door, yelling "Buhbuh! Buhbuh!"
Here are a couple of shots of the boys...Alex is being all cheesy while eating peas and Ajay is finishing off the last drops of my Dr. Pepper.

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