Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pine Car Derby

Alright, ya'll might be wondering why I'm bothering to go back and post what happened months ago.  I might be a little slow in getting these things up but since I started this blog so family in India (and even friends and family here in the states) can see what our family does on a regular basis I figure I might as well try to catch up.  (That seems to be a running theme, catching up.)

Ajay's Cub Scout Pack had their annual Pinewood Derby.  Biju and Ajay got the shape taken care of during one of the weekly meetings and then spent some time at home finishing it up.  Alex got someone's bit of block they had sawed off and had fun painting it up.  Aren got to play with watercolors while the other two painted their cars.

Here is Ajay's finished car!

Standing at the check in table, getting the final weight, registering, etc.

Here's the track they use for racing.

After weighing the car Ajay and Biju decided it needed a bit more weight, so they added that little one at the front.  They also used some graphite powder to help "slick" the wheels.

All the boys' cars lined up, ready for racing!

Ready to start??

While the Cubs were racing, Biju let Aren play on his phone.  It kept him a little more calm than he would've been had he been let loose in the gym. 
Ajay did a fine job on his car and since he didn't take first place this year he has a goal to work towards next year!

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