Saturday, December 21, 2013


Have you ever had Povatica?  It is a yummy bread that has it's origins in Croatia.  My family has this every Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Every year someone in the family makes it - usually my mom or my sister (and there is usually a partner or two involved in the process).  If you want to try some but don't want to make it, this place looks like they have tons of choices! 

This year my sister came over to make up a few loaves.  We used two bread machines to make up the dough.  While the dough was rising, she used a food processor to grind up some pecans.  She was nice enough to use pecans in place of the usual walnuts since I always have a bad reaction to walnuts.  One year when we made this I tried breaking up the walnuts in a sealed baggie with a rolling pin and inhaled some walnut dust - that set my nose to itchin' sumpthin' fierce!!

When the dough was ready we spread it out as thin as we could get it.  The pros can get it paper thin but we weren't that lucky.  We stopped spreading when the dough kept tearing.

 We then took the cinnamony/sugar/pecan mixture and spread it across the dough.  We rolled it up and baked it.  We had cut off the ends to make the loaf look neat, so we baked the ends and used those for taste testing!
Such a delicious treat for the whole family!

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Anna said...

My family makes this bread too. My grandmas used to make it. I personally have never made it, but I hear it is a pain! We use the walnut kind, but this year my sister tried the cheese kind (made with cottage cheese, not cream like I thought). So cool that you guys keep traditions like this going. I don't think they use the bread machine for it. Would it be the same recipe for the machine or the mixer?