Saturday, December 7, 2013


A few weeks back I set to work making some bags for a Busy Bag Exchange.  A group of other mamas and I all made some activity bags to keep our children entertained/educated and we then exchanged them so we all had about 16 bags, or so. 
For the first bag, I made a blind texture game.  I cut a strip of fleece and notched a bit out of the center to use as a blindfold.  There were two cards of each texture.  Onto poster board, I hot-glued buttons, different fabrics, feathers, etc. This was my assembly line:

While I was working on my craft the boys were busy doing some artwork of their own.  They were cutting out people and making castles.

Just throwing this one in for fun.  Aren was playing quietly, alone, with his blocks.

Here is Aren working on the other busy bag I made.  Spoon Shape Matching.  Shapes drawn on one clear spoon, one white spoon.  The idea is to lay the clear spoon on top of the white spoon with the matching shape.  Aren did well with the first three shapes and then I walked away and he knocked all the spoons to the floor. 
The boys have enjoyed playing with some of the activities I brought home.  A few of the bags I'm saving for use in the future!

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