Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Family Photos

Immediately following Aren's baptism we all went out to the little bricked area behind the church.  We thought it was the perfect spot for some family photos!
Amachee and Echachan with the boys

Biju, Kalinda, Ajay, Alex, Aren

Shelly, Carrick, Paige, Kyleigh, Audrey

Jeff, Jaime, Lenley, Thomas, Logan, Tessa

Matt, Brandi, Brandon, Jenna

12 cousins

Aren doing a little playing in between shots.

Mom with sisters Tina and Theresa, plus Aren

Mom and Dad with their 4 children plus spouses, 12 grandkids, and my dad's mom

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Anna said...

Those all turned out so good! You had a nice crowd there, glad so much of your family could make it!