Thursday, March 7, 2013

A quick (long) rundown of January

I have pictures loaded to Blogger to share with you.  I had hopes of writing cute posts to go with each one and explaining all the fun that came with the photos.  But since I'm having a hard time getting on here to do all that I'll just bombard you with the photos and give a brief description of things. 
Aren convinced Daddy to read book after book to him.

Alex was thrilled when he got to feed a peacock at the zoo.

Time to measure up with the penguins!

"This looks like a good seat to have a snack."

Aren is allergic to a certain antibiotic.  At least he wasn't itchy.
 I hosted Bunco in January and made up these coffee mug cozies as prizes.  (I'm missing a picture of the sparkly green one.)

It was nice enough for light jackets and a visit to the park.

Play dough keeps my boys occupied quite often.

Alex woke up to a birthday sign and DONUTS on his birthday.

He also got a beautiful sunrise that morning!

The evening of Alex's birthday we went to a function at Ajay's school - he got to do some dancing with his classmates. (He's in the blue shirt.)

Alex couldn't resist the temptation to dab his nose into his cupcake.

So Aren tried to, too.

Ajay was a little cleaner with his.

Alex was trying to show the family in India his frosting covered tongue.  Too bad this was just a regular phone call.

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