Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ahh, children

Back in January my sister called to inform me that her husband had scored some free tickets to Sesame Street Live.  6 of them!  So she would take her younger two and wondered if I was interested in taking my older two.  Well, of course!  I know Aren would have loved to go but then he would've gotten bored about 5 minutes in.  (Just like all of the other kids his age that were there!)
I got a shot of the kids waiting for the show to begin:
Ajay, Kyleigh, Alex, Shelly, Audrey.
The kids loved it.  Even Ajay, who kept whining about not wanting to go, had fun.  I think it had something to do with a neighbor kid telling him he'd seen the show before and it wasn't any good.  I'm glad Ajay made up his own mind that it was a fun show.  He's 7 and Sesame Street is a bit young for him but I think just seeing everything in live action with loud music and flashy lights helped him forget to be "too old" for the show. 

And now on to Aren. 

As a mother of three boys you'd think I would know by now NOT to turn my back. 

Aren went into the bathroom and pointed to his little potty seat.  Alex, ever helpful to his little bro, helped him get his pants and diaper off.  I went ahead and put him on the seat and let him try to go.  I can't remember why I left the room but when I came back, this is what I found. 

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