Friday, March 15, 2013

Remember that snow?

It is supposed to be in the 80's today which makes it hard to miss the 22 inch snowfall we had just a couple of weeks ago. 
The boys enjoyed playing in the snow.  Me, not such a fan.  I'd rather enjoy it from the inside and now go out in it.  However, I knew Aren would want to play outside in that white stuff so I bundled him up and out we went.  (These pictures come from multiple snow days)

These cute mittens didn't have fingertips.  The mitten part covered his 4 fingers but did nothing for his thumbs.  He was not happy.

The boys tried to help shovel the driveway.  The snow was too heavy.

And too thick!

Back inside for a mug of hot chocolate and a friendly game of War.

We didn't get the drive completely shoveled and Biju got stuck before he could even turn in.  Our lovely neighbors came right over without being asked and helped us dig out.

Ahh, yes, these mittens work much better!  Alex gave two thumbs up for these homemade mittens.

Remember these boys from the wrestling post?  They went out to play in the snow, too.

Aren wouldn't keep his mittens on - I tried two pair!  And when I took him inside he was screaming mad - not because his hands were cold but because he wanted to stay outside and play some more.  Brrr!

Cold brothers.  (Aren didn't have any snow boots so I took a pair of crocheted booties from last year and slipped them on over the shoes to keep them a little less snowy.  It worked!)

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Anna Cline said...

Mittens with no thumbs is kinda silly! I love the picture with all the boys wearing hats made by Mama! My mom used to tie old bread sacks over our shoes for us to play in the snow.