Monday, November 26, 2012

Oops, out of space

Well, it has been ages since I've updated this blog and I apologize. 

Biju likes to give me a hard time asking if people in Malaysia are tapping their fingers on their computer desks waiting for an update from me.  Perhaps not, but I do think some of you out there care.  Right?  So I came back today to give an update from the past month and - bam! - I'm out of space for photos. 

I can still post words but words only go so far.  Many times I take pictures with YOU in mind.  I sometimes go off in la-la land thinking of witty things to write about on this blog and which pictures to add in.  Granted, a lot of times I don't get those witty posts in here - typically what I end up writing is stuff like "this is what happened, wanna see a picture of it?" and that's that.  I'm much funnier in my own head.

I think if I upload pictures to my Photobucket account first and then copy and paste here, that might work.....

 (Kalinda, Janel, Natalie, Lisa, Erin, Tonya, Morgan.  Unable to attend this Girls Day: Elissa.)

Yes....that will work.

So here is another... And I'll get busy working between the two websites to bring you more updates.  Don't worry, Malaysia, the updates on coming soon!!

(Pictured: Joy with Micah, Angie, Michelle with Owen, Kalinda, Renetta.)

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