Thursday, November 29, 2012

A game of checkers, anyone?

Alex has discovered the game of checkers.  He's totally diggin' it so if you're ever over for a visit, challenge him to a game and you'll become his best friend.

Mom and Dad came down a few weeks back and Alex roped Nana into a game.

Dad helped fix a couple of things around the house before our House Blessing. 

While Biju did some paint touch ups....

We had a minor mishap with one of the tub faucets so Dad came back a week or so later to repair it.  The second visit happened to fall on his birthday!

  He was only at our place for a little over 24 hours but Alex managed to squeeze two games of checkers out of him in between trips to Lowe's and fixing the tub faucet.


Anna Cline said...

He is so cute with his glasses!

Anonymous said...

Good for him! I love board games...tell him I will play next time we are there!