Thursday, May 12, 2011

The second zoo

We managed to hit two zoos in one week!  A couple of weeks ago I snatched up a Groupon discount to get into a nearby zoo that we probably wouldn't have normally gone to.  I got two adult tickets for the price of one.  We were still charged a crazy amount for a 3 and 5 year old.  The Groupon expired May 22 - one day before my due date - so we knew we needed to take advantage of this discount while we had the chance.  The Saturday before Mother's Day we packed up a lunch and headed out.

They still didn't know exactly where we were going.  We had eluded to something about a zoo, which had Ajay upset since he had just been to the zoo a few days prior, but they didn't know it was a different type of zoo.  (Instead of having a bunch of animals in cages, many of the exhibits were "open" where you could get next to the animals!)  When we pulled up in front of the zoo, Ajay was even more upset.  He actually refused to get out of the van.  His disappointment soon vanished.

We went in and the boys immediately stopped at the nursery.  We got to see some baby leopards, baby penguins, etc.  We walked around and got to see quite a few animals that we'd never seen before.  We commented on how well the grounds were taken care of.

And now - on to the photo bomb! 

The view as seen from the entrance.

Checking out the monkeys!  (These hats were made at a parents-as-teachers playgroup last spring - they're wonderful to have for outings!   They have their names on them - I have one that says "Mama" but I didn't wear it on this day.)
We loved watching these guys walk around.  Here, they're getting a drink - cupping their hands, scooping it up, dripping it into their mouths.

What an experience - they got to walk along w/ the baby penguins as they were being led over to the penguin house.

An albino alligator.  Ajay asked if he was real because he was sitting so still.  A few minutes later he started walking around proving he was, indeed, real.  Such a rare fellow!!

Another rare fellow - the White Tiger!  So pretty.  As we were leaving we checked out the nursery again and saw some babies.  So so cute!!  (White with chocolate brown stripes.)

Ajay hanging out with the lemurs. 

Taking some time to play on the playground.

Biju giving Alex a boost.  For a kid who was afraid to slide down that green slide there in the background, he didn't mind at all going down the higher tube slide! 

Petting the bunnies.  Oops - not supposed to pick them up!

If you look closely you can see a baby poking out of it's mommy's pouch!

Ajay really dug this guy.

I mean he really dug this guy!  (I don't think they were supposed to get so up close and personal!)
We're glad we went early in the day as it was already pretty toasty when we left around 12:30.  Fun times at this great zoo where you can get so close to the animals!

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Anonymous said...

Where is this zoo? It looks like you all had a fun time! Love the pics! :) Erin