Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The first zoo

Ajay had his kindergarten field trip last week and (surprise!) they went to the zoo.  Alex and I tagged along.  For the morning we were paired up with another little boy and in the afternoon we gained a third kindergartner.  They all behaved as well as 4 small boys could be expected to act - Alex, Ajay, Macky and Leonardo.  Every once in awhile I had to holler out to them "Boys!  Slow down!" - I just couldn't waddle as fast as they could run!

We tried to see as many animals as we could but we had time-lines to follow (be here at X time, lunch at Y time and we're leaving at Z time - it made for a lot of "Okay - we'll just see the hippos as we walk by them." - *pant, pant*)

At least I got a few good pictures - and I even used my "regular old camera" instead of the fun digital SLR.  To be honest, we haven't bought a converter-thingie-mabob to allow us to recharge the camera, so we're trying to make sure we have enough battery power to take newborn photos.

Alex wasn't fond of going into the petting zoo.  I had to pullll my hand out of his grip so I could take this photo.

Ain't he a beauty?

I loved the way he looked blue here but when he got down from the fence and walked away those blue feathers turned purple.

Hello big cat!!

All four boys sorta sitting still.

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