Wednesday, April 3, 2013

40th Anniversary

One month ago today my siblings and I helped our parents celebrate their 40th anniversary.  Mom had told me during a previous visit that she would like the whole family to go to church with them on their anniversary.  We worked out a plan and we had everyone at mass except for two spouses. 

Most of us hung out the Saturday evening before -

Aren petting Fergus - Mom's hairless puppy. 
There was a nice blessing for Mom and Dad at mass then we took pictures afterwards.

The happy couple.

Parents and children.
All 12 grandchildren.
Aunt Tina and Aunt Theresa came to celebrate, too.
 We then went out for breakfast/lunch.  (We were sure to make a reservation since we had over 20 people!)
Opening the card from their children.

All 6 kids - Shelly's three and my three - in the back of our van - grateful for the DVD player on the 3 hour drive home!

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Anna Cline said...

WOW! 40 years and 12 grandchildren, truly blessed!