Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Easter at the Zoo

The Saturday before Easter we took the boys to the zoo for their Eggstravaganza.  There were all sorts of activities and fun to be had.  Plus, there were candy stations!

The boys were lined up and posed - and then a sneeze overtook Ajay.

On the way to Candy Station One - buckets ready!

They had an "egg hunt" - there were big wooden painted eggs throughout the zoo and the boys were supposed to count all of them.  At the end of the trip they were to give their guess and if they were close enough to the actual number they would get a prize.

One of the games they played - bean bag toss.  For this and other games they won stickers, candies, tattoos and those little plastic "mazes" where you try to get the little bead into the center.

Face painting!!  Alex chose an Easter Egg.

Ajay chose the bunny face.

I chose a bunny face for Aren.

Right before leaving the boys gave their guesses.  I'm not sure what the real number of eggs was but they all "won" these cool bunny glasses.

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