Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Recipe Wednesday - Easy Mashed Sweet Potatoes

I haven't been real consistent lately with my Recipe Wednesday posts, but I've got a little something yummy for you today. 

Last night we had pork chops and I figured some sweet potatoes would go well with pork.  Right?  So I tossed three small-medium-ish sweet potatoes on to boil.  Once they were soft (about a half an hour) I took them out, set them on a plate, then used two forks to peel them.  They were super easy to peel - they almost fell right out of their skins.  I put the peeled potatoes into a bowl and broke them up a bit.  I put in probably 2 Tbs. unsalted butter, a sprinkle of salt, 1 Tbs. packed brown sugar (might've been more, I'm not sure, I just threw some in there - do this to your liking), then a shake or two of ground nutmeg.  I used one of the forks to mash this all together.  Y.U.M. Y.U.M.  The boys devoured this!  

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