Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A trip back in time

The second place we went to use Ajay's pass from school was an "old town" type place.  The builders of this "museum," of sorts, had brought in buildings from around the town and vicinity dating pretty far back.  It was c.o.l.d. that day and windy, to boot.  We put the boys' snow pants on to help keep them warm.  We didn't stop and see everything on the map, but I think the boys got a good idea of what the place was about.  Maybe we'll go back again sometime when it's warmer!

The first thing we saw when we started walking around inside the property was a cart pulled by some pretty big horses.  The driver asked us if we wanted a ride, so we hopped on.

All of the volunteers were dressed up from sometime in the 1800s, even down to their winter gear. 
The driver dropped us off in a section where the first jailhouse of the town was located and also pointed out the blacksmith's shop - we were told that the blacksmith was in that day and to be sure we stopped in.

One of the jail cells.  The boys are standing at the corners and I'm standing at the doorway - so you can see it was a very small "room!" 

The boys tried to figure out how to get in (I just pray they never do see the inside of a jail cell!)

They found some old fashioned wheel-barrows.  I was afraid they were going to break them!

Here is the blacksmith working on a project.  It was very interesting to watch him work.
There is a pump for water - the boys had a fun time getting it to work.

We walked around a bit more but the wind was really kicking the dirt up so we started to wrap up our tour.  One of the volunteers took us into a house that is on the national historic registry.  We just wanted a quick little look-see so we could say we saw it but this guy wanted to talk on and on about things and go through his complete spiel.   We did our best to get out of there without cutting him off and making him feel like we dumped him. 

Despite the wind and cold we really did enjoy our visit, more than we thought we would!

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