Friday, December 10, 2010

Pretty Lights and Santa

As mentioned in a previous post Ajay won a special award that allows him and his family to get into various hot spots around town.  Luckily for us the "free entrance" included the special light show put on by the garden museum.  Since it is winter there isn't much to show for pretty flowers and plants and there definitely wasn't anything to see in the butterfly house!  So the people who run the place dress everything up all fancy schmancy in pretty Christmas lights.  We went once when Ajay was about 6 months old (we got free tickets through our Parents as Teachers program).  It was nice to go again and take the kids who could enjoy it this time around.  The Big Man in Red was there, as well! 

Here are the pics I got.  I tried to choose the best to share with you, but some of them are poor quality because I had the flash off trying to get a shot of the lights.

The first thing you saw as you walked in.

Alex got a little too close to one of the butterfly lights.

A nice little posed shot - I was glad the lighted candy cane showed up even with the flash on!  We had to hurry because there were soo many other people around us.

These were trees covered in white "snow" then draped in red lights.  A very pretty effect. 

Our boys are quite cheesy, are they not??

Can you believe these flowers are still so pretty in December??

Ajay with Santa, telling him he wanted "Pop the Pig"

I overheard Santa tell Mrs. Claus that he wanted to "wrap this one up and take him home" - sorry, Santa, we're keeping him.

This (above video) is a bit of the lights that were set to music. 

I love these blue lights.

A pretty "light tree."

The boys gathered 'round one of the many chimineas scattered about the gardens.
 After touring the outside we took the boys inside to warm up.  On our way in we saw these Dancing Trees!

Once inside we got some hot apple cider and some popcorn.  We enjoyed our visit and hope to go again in the spring when there is a different set of views to see!

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