Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Recipe Wednesday - Air Freshener

Today's recipe isn't something you eat, but it does use foodstuff and makes your home smell nice. 

What you need:
Orange peel
A few shakes of cinnamon, if you like that scent
A clove or two, if you like that scent
A small pan of water

Put the pan of water on the stove and set to simmer/low.  Put in the orange peels and other spices.  (You can switch it up, use whatever you want - nutmeg?  allspice?  get creative!)  Let the pan simmer. 

Do keep an eye on it and make sure you either shut the pan off when the water is low or add more water if you want the scent to continue. 

If you're interested look up the natural properties of cinnamon and clove (or other spices you want to use) - I can't remember their benefits but I know both cinnamon and clove are good for you - clearing the air, all that jazz :) 

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