Saturday, March 27, 2010

A visit to the farm

Ajay was on Spring Break last week. The week before, he went to school on Monday, then Monday evening he got a fever. Alex already started his fever on Monday morning, so he was a few hours ahead of Ajay on this one. Both boys had fevers for a few days and I caved and took them to the doc on Thursday. Ajay, it seems, had bronchitis (again) and was given a prescription for an antibiotic. The pediatrician never said if Alex had bronchitis, too, but he did say he had an ear infection, so we were given a prescription for an antibiotic for him. I'm not a fan of so many prescriptions, but I am also a chicken and don't want to be that mom who let an illness go too far. Ajay's round of abx was only for 5 days, and I spaced giving him his final dose - that was the day we left for my parents. Alex's amoxycillin was to be twice a day for 10 days - ugh! I can happily report that I didn't miss a dose for him, even with the road trip! I've since read somewhere that garlic oil is good for ear infections, so maybe if we end up with another infection, I'll get my hands on a more natural remedy.
So Spring Break started with the boys recouping from their illnesses, but to look at them, they didn't act sick for the most part. We loaded up the van and headed out for a 3 hour drive. I checked out a couple dvds from the library for the boys to watch in the van - honestly, that dvd player is getting a lot more use than I thought it would! (Only on long trips, though, nothing playing if we're just driving around town!) We hit up McD's for lunch then headed to my brother and sister-in-law's place, since my parents were still at work. We spent most of Wed, Thurs, and Fri hanging out with the cousins - luckily they were on spring break, too! Brandi and the kids were such a great help and fun distraction for the kids. I was even able to finish up a couple of craft projects. No way would I have been able to complete them if I'd have been on my own.
Ajay got to help Papa a time or two with chores, we ate dinner with my younger bro, Jeff, one night, at dinner with my older bro, Matt, once, and even got snowed in again. Remember Christmas?? At least we weren't snowed in for 3 days this time. Luckily it all melted fairly quickly. The roads were a mess, though, so we weren't able to come back home until Monday - which meant Ajay missed another day of school. Oops! And the kicker is we had parent-teacher conferences this week, so preschool didn't have school Wed-Fri!! If you will count along with me - in the last 3 weeks, Ajay went to class....twice!!
(To add - I'm finally getting around to posting this later than I had planned. In case you're wondering, Ajay has made it to school M-W and will be going tomorrow. There is no school on Friday or Monday. What the tarnation?? This school has more days out than I ever had growing up!)
These pics were taken with my phone since I forgot the camera at home.

Here are the boys playing on the swingset on one of the nice days:

First thing Thursday morning we headed over a few hills to get the boys a haircut! Boy were they shaggy!

After the trim, we took the boys up to town. It was great weather to play at the park. The swings were a big hit - there's Aunt Brandi pushing Alex, Brandon flying high, then Jenna and then Ajay.

Alex trying out the slide.....

Ajay doing some excavating....

The boys playing with another child, Ajay getting buried in the sand and loving it....

Alex doing his best to give cousin Brandon a push on the Merry-go-round thingy....

Then he tried his hand at pushing Aunt Brandi...

Back to the farm again. Here is Alex on the front porch.

Pretending to be blown away by Ajay (he's scooting backwards, saying "ahhhhh!")

And then the snow came! The boys enjoyed a little snowball fight with Papa...

I enjoyed a little adult beverage with Mom and Brandi! This was our strawberry margarita. There was also a small glass (or two) of pina colada!

On Sunday before the snow melted, the boys got a little more outside playtime in.
(This is Ajay, rolling around in the snow.)

And Alex (he gets colder quicker than Ajay, so he didn't last as long outside).

And here is our masterpiece! Notice the baby carrot for a nose and jelly beans for the eyes and mouth!

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