Friday, January 8, 2010

These cold days

I don't need to mention how cold it is, do I?? Most of you are stuck in the midst of it all with us. I don't mind winter with its chilly weather and pretty snow. But when Old Man Winter feels the need to move the North Pole to my living area, I can't say I'm thrilled with his decision!! These bitterly cold winds that bite into your face (since thats usually all that is left exposed after you bundle up) have me wishing Ajay was homeschooled just so we wouldn't have to go outside!

Alex all bundled up to watch some good ole PBS:

Ajay got some snow pants for Christmas (army, no less!) so he has gone out a couple times this week. Usually he throws a fit when I say its time to come in, but he doesn't argue as much when the wind chill is below 0. I think he was using the piece of ice in his hands as a harmonica? You can never be sure what is going through the imagination of a child.

To help keep the boys occupied and out of trouble, I gave them some jobs to do. Alex is attempting to open a can of beans, and Ajay is peeling carrots. Doing a pretty good job, too!

I caught the boys playing nicely together the other day. Doing something with dinosaurs. There was a lot of roaring going on.

The van showed it was 2 degrees (F) as I drove Ajay to school this morning. I don't know what the wind chill was. I can't wait until its back in the 30's again! (And for those of you who have even colder weather, or snow drifts that are limiting your mobility, I really feel for ya!!)

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