Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Excitement!

Welcome, 2010!

The family had quite the exciting New Year's Eve.

I made up a little bean dip (combined a few recipes from online) and we loaded up the boys to head over to the church of a friend. We had yummy tacos (I want the recipe for the meat!) and lots of tastey dips and other side dishes. I even let the boys have some orange soda pop as a special treat! They didn't eat the "real" food very well, but sure did enjoy the goodies on the sweets table! They ran around playing with all the other children there while Biju and I played a very long game of Balderdash with others. We kept getting interrupted by parents (ourselves included) checking on children, grabbing a fresh plate of snacks, changing diapers (yeah, that one was Alex). Once we finally finished (congrats to Michelle, Ms. Green Jello!) we started in on Catch Phrase. It was boys against girls. We took note at 11:59 that it was "that time," greeted the new year, and kept on playing. The final score was Boys: 2 wins, Girls: 2 wins. After some clean up, we headed home. It was AFTER 1AM before we got home! Holy smokes! The boys handled themselves well all evening, but when it came time for bed, they let us know how they really felt! Both boys had meltdowns, and we could barely hear ourselves saying our before-bed prayers over their cries! Once the boys were down, we heard a popping noise. At first, Biju and I both thought someone was knocking on the door, then I thought maybe someone was shooting off fireworks. I think the real noise was gunfire! When Biju went outside to be sure he had locked the van, there were 4 police cruisers along our street. One officer came up to him and asked what he had heard. When Biju came back in, we ended up talking for awhile about the excitement and didn't get to sleep until close to 3am!! Ajay's new alarm clock went off at 8:05 and both boys slept right through it!! They finally were ready to get out of bed around 9. And still they were ready for their normal afternoon nap at 1pm. If you would've called us mid-afternoon, you wouldn't have gotten any answer, as everyone in the house, even Gracie, and probably even Nemo, was sleeping. Ahhhhh!
We gave the boys some "Bring in the New Year" gifts - new toothbrushes, their own containers of toothpaste, their own little tubes of lipbalm, their own combs, and some other things. They were very happy :)
I think 2010 is going to be a very good year for us. I hope it is good for you, too!

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